Tuesday, February 21st 2017
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    New Jersey History
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    Colonial America
      Mayflower Compact
      Literature Links
      Resources for Colonial America
      Webquests, Activites & Games - COOL! Points!
      CyberHunt The First Thanksgiving
      The Lost Colony
      American Revolution
      Unit 1 Am. Rev. People, Places &Things
        Ben Franklin
        George Washington
        Places - Battles, Homes, etc.
        Spies! Pirates!
        Things- Declaration, Common Sense, etc.
        Resources about the American Revolution
        Webquests, Activities & Games - COOL! Points!
        Its Constitutional!
        The Signers
        Webquests, Activities, Games
        Westward Expansion
        Lewis and Clark
        War of 1812
        Mountain Men and Trails West
        Folktales and Writers of the time
        Industry and Inventions
        Gold Rush
        Literature Links
          Resources about Westward Movement
          Web Quests, Activities & Games - COOL! Points!
          American Civil War
          1 - Seeds of Conflict - Slavery & Reformers
          2. Conflict Sources & Solutions/ Am.Civil War
          Places & Battles
          People at Work
          3. 'A Light in the Storm'
          4. History Day Symposium
          Ethnic Contributions to the Civil War
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            American Revolution LP
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            Civil War
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            Paul Revere
            Shot Heard 'Round the World