Saturday, April 29th 2017
Welcome Haycock Cougars!

1st grade
1st grade Math
    1st grade Addition
    1st grade Money
    1st grade Social Studies
    Patriotic Symbols
    2nd grade
    2nd grade Math
    2nd grade Addition
    2nd grade Geometry
    2nd grade Measurement
    2nd grade Miscellaneous
    2nd grade Money
    2nd grade Subtraction
    2nd grade Time
    2nd grade Reading
    2nd grade Science
    Animal Classification
    Food Chains/Webs
    Matter and Magnets
    2nd grade Social Studies
    2nd grade Explorers
    2nd grade Geography
    2nd grade Native Americans
    Tech Lab
    3rd grade
    3rd grade Math
    3rd Grade Division
    3rd grade Geometry
    3rd grade Multiplication
    3rd grade Science
    3rd grade Rocks
    3rd grade Simple Machines
    3rd grade States of Matter
    3rd grade Social Studies
    4th grade
    4th grade Math
    4th grade Geometry
      4th Grade Angles
      4th grade Perimeter, Area, and Volume
      4th grade Shapes
      4th grade Symmetry
      4th grade Science
        4h grade Ecosystems
        4th grade Electricity
        4th Grade Social Studies
          5th grade
          5th Grade Social Studies
          6th grade
            6th grade Math
            6th grade geometry
            6th grade Science
              6th grade Weather
              Tech Lab
              Math Night (Grades K-2)
                Addition (K-2)
                Geometry (K-2)
                Measurement (K-2)
                Stop the Clock Game - Telling Time (K-2)
                Subtraction (K-2)
                Thinking Challenge Games (K-2)
                Math Night (Grades 3-6)
                  Division (3-6)
                  Fractions (3-6)
                  Measurement (3-6)
                  Multiplication (3-6)
                  Programming (3-6)
                  Stop the Clock Game - Telling Time (3-6)
                  Thinking Challenge Games (3-6)