Thursday, July 20th 2017
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Language Arts
Math Games
Math SOL 3.1 Place Value, Rounding, and Comparing
Math SOL 3.2 Inverse Relationships & Basic Facts
Math SOL 3.3 Fractions (name, write, model, and compare)
Math SOL 3.4 Sum and Difference (9,999 or less)
Math SOL 3.5 Multiplication and Division (0-12)
Math SOL 3.6 Multiply 2 digits x 1 digit
Math SOL 3.7 Add/Subtract Proper Fractions (denom. 12 or less)
Math SOL 3.8 Money
Math SOL 3.9 Length, Liquid Volume, Weight/Mass, Area/Perimeter
Math SOL 3.10 Area and Perimeter
Math SOL 3.11 Time (nearest minute and elapsed)
Math SOL 3.12 Equivalent Periods of T ime
Math SOL 3.13 Temperature
Math SOL 3.14 Geometric Figures
Math SOL 3.15 Points, Line Segments, Rays, Angles, and Lines
Math SOL 3.16 Congruent and Not Congruent
Math SOL 3.17 Graphing (Collect, Construct, Read, & Interpret)
Math SOL 3.18 Probability
Math SOL 3.19 Patterns
Math SOL 3.20 Identity & Commutative Properties (+/x)
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