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  • The Franklin Times
    Joseph Douglas Wilson, 76, died Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010 at Britthaven in Louisburg.
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  • The Secrets of Isis - #6
    Lucky" The loss of his dog leads a boy into danger as he learns about life and death.
  • The Secrets of Isis - #17
    The Hitchhiker" A girl learns a lesson about the dangers of hitchhiking when the boy she rides with loses control of his car. Gu
  • The Secrets of Isis - # 21
    Now You See It..." Rick is framed for the theft of part of a top-secret government device that can control the weather. Guest st
  • The Secrets of Isis - # 12
    Funny Gal" An insecure overweight girl running for student council steals Mr. Mason's boat as a publicity stunt. Isis must call
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